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Original Artwork

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Savannah History

oriGinal artwOrk

All artwork is made by Savannah resident Bud Boyce. 

Original Apparel 

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Based on true events

Savannah has a long history, and Savannah Boxing Company is inspired by true events of the gritty Victorian era world of illegal bare knuckle boxing.


A young boxer was murdered after refusing to loose a rigged match. They say his ghost still visits the place of this game. We are here to honor the grit, stamina and true heart it takes to bring the fight to the arena, being the arena of anything you believe in.


Original art work made by Bud Boyce, which is a Savannah resident. Approached due to this artists specialty in sketching and keen eye.

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Mama said knock you out

Mothers Day is approaching, and we have these limited edition Mothers Day t-shirt and hoodies. Let's celebrate the mentally and physically fighting spirits of mothers! 

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